BizRecycling Grants

BizRecycling provides grants to businesses, apartment buildings, schools, colleges, food shelves and farmers markets to reduce waste and improve recycling. Five different grants are available to help your business reduce, reuse and recycle better.

Waste Reduction &
Innovation Grants

Up to $50,000 for eligible businesses, schools and colleges to reduce waste through reuse, technology enhancements or production redesign.

Food Recovery

Up to $20,000 for eligible food businesses, food shelves and farmers markets to recover surplus edible food to distribute to people in need.


Up to $10,000 for eligible businesses and up to $20,000 for eligible apartment buildings to improve recycling and food waste collection.


Helps small businesses kickstart or improve recycling and organics collection with up to $2,500 in trash, recycling and organics bins and equipment.


Up to $5,000 reimbursement of hauling costs for businesses who start or improve their food scraps collections.

Not sure which grant is right for your business?

View side-by-side comparisons of each grant opportunity to find the one that fits the needs of your business.