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Rose Mall Apartments is a 162-unit property in Roseville. The property manager, Jami Olson, learned about BizRecycling and reached out for recycling support.

With the help of a Recycling Expert, Jami identified ways to educate and equip her residents to recycle better and ordered a variety of recycling resources to make it happen. Before distributing the resources, recyclables ended up in the trash which caused dumpsters to overflow. With recycling totes for each unit and educational resources, her residents were able to recycle properly meaning more of the right things ended up in the recycling carts and not the dumpster.

Rose Mall also received a BizRecycling grant for laundry room recycling containers and a waste enclosure to help designate a place for recycling and prevent the carts from tipping over and littering. Prior to receiving the grant, residents placed laundry detergent containers in the trash, and now, with the addition of recycling receptacles in the laundry rooms, those items are getting captured in the recycling.

Jami loves the BizRecycling program so much that she’s already working to implement recycling materials and submit a grant for recycling improvements at another property she manages.

Jami from Rose Mall Apartments in Roseville shares about her experience with BizRecycling

How can BizRecycling help?

BizRecycling can provide plans, resources and grants to help apartment and condo buildings and other multi-unit residential properties manage waste and recycle better.

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Helpful Resources

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