Bin-Only Grant

The Bin-Only Grant is available to small businesses and nonprofits to improve recycling or organics (food scraps) collections.

Businesses and nonprofits with less than $1,000,000 in annual gross revenue may order up to $2,500 in bins and equipment for managing trash, recycling and organics directly from BizRecycling. Once approved, materials are shipped directly to the business.

Download full grant guidelines here.

View our current product catalog here. Only items on this form are available. If you have additional needs, consider applying for a Recycling Grant.

Businesses that meet the following criteria are eligible for a Bin-Only Grant. 

  • All commercial entities, including private, nonprofit, and institutional entities with an annual gross revenue under $1,000,000.  
  • Must have a physical building location in Ramsey or Washington County. 
  • Be in “active/in good standing” status with the Minnesota Secretary of State . 

Ineligible Organizations: Individuals, home-based businesses, government organizations, and all schools and colleges and multi-unit residential buildings.  

Applicants must receive a site visit from a BizRecycling Recycling Expert. At the site visit, the Recycling Expert will assess bin and equipment needs, make recommendations to improve waste management operations and fill out the grant application forms. The Recycling Expert will submit the grant application on behalf of the applicant. 

Applications are accepted at any time.

To set-up your site assessment email or call 651-266-1199.

Laurel, from Beautiful Laundrette in St. Paul wanted to achieve a triple bottom line—social, environmental, and financial good all hitting the mark. People feel good about recycling, and we do whatever we can here to feel good.