Get free trash and recycling labels!

Businesses in Ramsey and Washington counties are eligible to receive free recycling, organics, and trash labels. Businesses can get up to $5,000 in labels for free, no grant required!

BizRecycling labels are designed to withstand both high and freezing temperatures. Printed on sturdy material and backed with an industrial grade adhesive, the labels will not wear off as bins are emptied daily by staff.

Properly labeling recycling, organics and trash containers is essential to recycling success. Labels help make recycling easier for staff and customers. By providing simple visual cues, recycling, organics and trash are always properly separated.

Labels are available in English, Somali, Hmong, Spanish and Oromo.

Create Custom Labels

If you would like to customize the labels to meet your brand standards or unique material needs, you can download the label files as PDF or InDesign file formats.

Eligibility, Ordering, and Contact Information

Enter your business’s zip code below to find out if your business is eligible to receive free labels. Labels are updated frequently to meet the dynamic business needs of the East Metro. 

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