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BizRecycling helps businesses, nonprofits, schools, apartment buildings and institutions in Ramsey and Washington counties reduce waste and recycle better.

What is BizRecycling?

BizRecycling helps businesses and apartment buildings in Ramsey and Washington counties reduce waste and improve their recycling and organics (food waste) collections. Since 2014, we’ve assisted over 1,400 businesses and awarded over 900 grants to help businesses recycle better and save money. We’ve improved waste management operations of businesses of all sizes and types, like restaurants, offices, apartment buildings, schools, health care clinics, golf courses, warehouses and more. Let us help you.

How BizRecycling works.

Connect with us.

Call or submit a contact form.

Schedule a free site visit.

We’ll help you develop your customized recycling plan.

Apply for grant money.

Our grants make it easy for your business to reduce waste.

Launch your program.

Ongoing support ensures your business recycling success.

Customized Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan & Tools

Our Recycling Experts will help you discover recycling and waste reduction opportunities at your business or property. We provide simple, easy to implement best practices for your industry that you can start today to see real improvement. We also provide free tools to engage employees, customers and residents including educational recycling and organics posters; labels for your trash, recycling, and organics bins; and in-unit recycling bins for apartment residents. You can order them right from this website and take the first step now.

Grant Dollars to Support Your Plan

Once you have your plan, you can apply for a BizRecycling grant of up to $10,000 for businesses and $20,000 for apartments to implement the recommended improvements to your waste management system. Recycling grants fund infrastructure improvements; capital investments like equipment, bins and supplies; and education. Click below to learn more about eligible expenses.