Apartment Recycling Specialist Registration

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  • Partnership Agreement

  • If accepted into the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Apartment Recycling Specialist Program, I agree to the following:

    1. Obtain permission and work cooperatively with my property manager or owner.
    2. Complete at least 8 of the 12 offered hours of training on the principles of waste reduction, recycling, food scraps collection, and reuse-related activities.
    3. Create a work plan with program staff outlining the resident engagement and recycling activities I will conduct at my residence. Activities may include:
      1. Assessing general recycling/trash landscape and needs for apartment complex
      2. Assessing signage and accessibility around common recycling areas and carts / dumpsters
      3. Distributing (and labeling when relevant) the following resources to residents
        1. Recycling Guides
        2. Totes / bags
        3. Apartment-specific targeted messaging
      4. Monitoring trash and recycling bins, including:
        1. Noticing contamination trends
        2. Removing contamination from recycling bins
      5. Building community and community capacity through:
        1. Informal conversations with residents during ARS tasks
        2. Tabling in common spaces with waste reduction / recycling information and opportunities
        3. Identifying fellow interested residents to help with projects and create a waste-reduction group
        4. Organizing litter clean-up from property and surrounding area
      6. Performing special material collection projects such as: organics, plastic film, HHW, mattresses, electronics, medicine, reuse/swap, etc.
    4. Complete 2-3 hours per week of resident engagement and recycling activities as outlined in my approved workplan.
    5. Submit a monthly timesheet and activity report.
    6. Check-in monthly with program staff and initiate and respond to email or phone with staff members as communication needs arise
    7. Complete my duties to be eligible for payment/stipend, and funds may need to be returned shoold I not folfill my commitment to this program.
    8. Participate in this program does not make me an employee of Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy and I shall not represent myself as such.