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Efficiency in Business Recycling

BizRecycling helps businesses in Ramsey and Washington Counties find ways to recycle better. We believe a good business recycling program should be an asset, not a liability. When staff can easily recycle within their company, it can both streamline operations and save money. A great example is businesses that generate a lot of organic waste, such as food scraps or floral waste. Organics tend to be heavy and wet, which makes them expensive to dispose of through regular garbage, due to the high tax on trash. An organics recycling program, combined with the right collection system, can save time, effort and money.

Employees Want Recycling

Did you know that:

  • More than 80 percent of US workers polled said they believe it is important to work for a company or organization that makes the environment a top priority.
    National Geographic survey, February 2008
  • Employees who feel they can make an impact on social and environmental issues while on the job are twice as satisfied with work as those who don’t.
    Net Impact Study: “What Workers Want in 2012”

Some East Metro businesses have found that recycling boosts employee morale by engaging them in a cause with environmental, social and economic benefits.

Andersen Corporation, Oak Park Heights:
Implementing an organics program has allowed us to not only save money, but also allow employees to feel like we are making every effort to reduce our landfill waste. Many employees are trying to do the right thing at home in regard to recycling. Our efforts around the organics program support the personal belief of many employees around this topic. The program has created a win for the organization over all as well as a win with employees in that they feel we are making efforts to do the right things as well as a corporation.”

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