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Woodbury BizRecycling Program



Woodbury BizRecycling Program
Laurie Staiger
Woodbury Chamber President
The BizRecycling program is a great partnership and it benefits our businesses. They truly make it as easy as possible. So, by visiting their website at, there’s an application process and a business can go on fill out the application, they come in and they do a cost-free evaluation for a business on how they can save money, and that could be right sizing your trash, showing you ways to recycle and be more efficient, as well as providing grants to make improvements that you might want to make in your business.
Ben Gathje
Culver’s Restaurant – Owner/Operator
I decided to join, mainly because of the grant money that was out there. We also saw a need, of the community, kind of asking for recycling. So the grant money; I just worked with BizRecycling, just submitted the application. A few months later we were awarded the money and we kind of started the process. We were given recycling bins, signage to kind of show how the program works and what we can do to make it more efficient for customers to understand it. I think the program is awesome! Very beneficial to my business and it’s the way it kind of the future and I think it’s a great thing for us to expand on.

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