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Video – What’s A Site Visit

First the consultant will contact you to find out a time to meet that bests fits your schedule.

The whole process will take an hour maybe less depending on the size of your business and your needs.

If you have copies of your last few garbage bills, please share them with the consultant.

Sometimes, just by reviewing your bills, the consultant can find ways to save money.

For instance, if your dumpster isn’t full you can switch to less frequent pickup.

The consultant will ask a series of questions to determine what you’re thrown out right now and what you want to better manage in the future.

For example, do you have recycling in some areas but not others?

Okay, we’ve talked the talk now let’s take a walk.

Often when the consultants get a tour of your business, they can spot opportunities to reduce or recycle.

For instance, if your recycling bin isn’t filling, it may be because the bin is too far away from a garbage container.

People will throw unwanted stuff in the nearest container whether it’s trash or recycling.

By simply putting the containers next to each other, you will improve your recycling.

In about a week the consultant will give you a short list of implementation steps you can take right now.

Maybe it’s adding recycling bins at all the work stations.

Once you start recycling more, you’ll want to decrease your garbage service to capture those cost savings.

We’ve found that once businesses get going on a new system, they don’t wanna stop with the low hanging fruit.

When you’re ready to do more, we have the resources to help you.

Perhaps you need to design a program to allow food scraps and paper towels for composting.

Through this process you get to decide what works best for your business and to design a garbage and recycling system that meets your goals and busts your bottom line.

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