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Crossroads Properties

Crossroads Properties
Dawn Wessels:
So I’m Dawn Wessels. I’m the business manager for Crossroads Properties. We own and manage approximately 800 thousand square feet of office and industrial space, primarily in the Oakdale and Woodbury area and we serve, I would say, just over 200 individual businesses in our properties. Well, initially, I heard about the program and recycling’s always been important to me as an individual and when I started working at Crossroads Properties, we had containers for recycling, but they weren’t utilized significantly. So our primary reason for reaching out to BizRecycling was to utilize the grant funding that was available, that helped us jumpstart our program, and also to provide the best educational programs for our tenants. For Crossroads Properties, the best part of working with BizRecycling was just the efficiency about the program. I never had to wait to get a question answered and even from the time that we submitted the grant to the time we actually had the containers, it was just a matter of weeks. Crossroads Properties feels it’s important to do the right thing for the environment and again to provide those the tools for tenants to participate to their fullest capacity.

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