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Wooddale Professional Building is a small office building in Woodbury.


Although they wanted to start recycling at the Wooddale Professional Building, staff did not know where to start. That changed when their office manager attended a Woodbury Expo event. While there, they learned about the BizRecycling program. They contacted us for help.

How We Helped

One of our Recycling Experts visited the Wooddale Professional Building. They reviewed the building’s waste services and helped them work with their waste hauler to add recycling service.

Working with our Recycling Expert, the Wooddale Professional Building applied for a BizRecycling grant. The grant paid for a new enclosure to house the building’s recycling and trash dumpsters. They were also able to buy new color-coded recycling bins for all of the building’s tenants.


The new dumpster enclosure not only meets city ordinances, but it has also cut down on the amount of illegal dumping that had been taking place before it was installed. The trash dumpster at the Wooddale Professional Building is no longer overflowing with garbage.

Adding the single-sort recycling service and providing all of the building tenants with recycling bins has resulted in over 4,500 pounds of materials being recycled a year. They are also saving more than $1,600 on their trash bill annually.

Office manager Kristin Tooze told us, “Everyone in the building was excited to start recycling. So many tenants wanted recycling, but hadn’t expressed it.”

 “I really appreciate that they made this grant available to small businesses;” Tooze remarked, “we wouldn’t have been able to do this all without the assistance and grant.”

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