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Wells Fargo Place is an office building in the heart of Saint Paul’s central business district.


Wells Fargo Place wanted to find ways to reduce waste and improve their recycling. They contacted one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Wells Fargo Place to learn about the building and their waste streams. They discovered that adding a single-sort recycling program and an organics recycling program would help divert over 75% of the building’s waste.

Wells Fargo Place decided it would make sense to introduce the recycling programs one at a time. First, they wanted to tackle the regular recycling. Working with our Recycling Expert, Wells Fargo Place contacted their waste hauler to add single-sort recycling service.

Our Recycling Expert helped Wells Fargo Place apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant was used to purchase new recycling bins and labels for all of the building’s tenants. They also created training materials for the 33 tenants and all of their staff to educate them about the new recycling program.


Wells Fargo Place’s single-sort recycling program was well-received by tenants and staff. They are now diverting an estimated 26,400 pounds of recyclable materials per year.

The second phase, organics collection, launched a few months after the single-sort recycling program. Organics collection was just as successful, with all but one of the tenants participating. Now, over 48,000 pounds of organics are being recycled every year.

Thanks to these two recycling programs, Wells Fargo Place has cut their trash compactor pickups from three times a month down to one. They are savings about $2,400 annually on hauling fees.

 Wells Fargo Place’s property manager said, “Introducing the concept of a robust organics recycling program into a multi-tenant building had its challenges, but I couldn’t be more satisfied with our program’s success in the first six months.”

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