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Warners’ Stellian is a family owned and operated retail appliance specialist serving the Metro area for 60 years.


Warners’ Stellian is a business that values sustainability. From energy efficient systems to a comprehensive polystyrene recycling program, the company has always prioritized its “green” activities.

After meeting a member of the BizRecycling team at an environmental initiative meeting, Director of Operations Robert Warner was inspired to find ways to improve recycling at their corporate headquarters. BizRecycling connected Warners’ Stellian with one of our Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

The Recycling Expert visited Warners’ Stellian corporate headquarters to learn about the company’s existing recycling efforts and discover opportunities for improvement. Warners’ Stellian had a complicated source-separated recycling program in place, which required a great deal of space, and contracts with several hauling services. The Recycling Expert advised switching to a simpler single-sort recycling system.

In addition to the streamlined single-sort recycling, the Recycling Expert suggested that Warners’ Stellian start an organics collection for food waste and paper towels.

Warners’ Stellian worked with the Recycling Expert to apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant paid for new, well-labeled recycling bins throughout the facility. As the recycling programs rolled out, office staff and custodial staff were educated on the new processes. Staff receive continual reminders about recycling. Since organics recycling is less familiar to people, there was a special focus on educating staff around this new program.

Along with the new and improved recycling programs, Warners’ Stellian phased out the use of Styrofoam coffee cups and other disposable dishware. They stocked the breakrooms with reusable plates, cups and silverware instead.


By making the change from disposable breakroom supplies to reusable dishes and cutlery, Warners’ Stellian is savings an estimated $2,500 a year.

“We can tell that our employees are getting with the program,” Warner reports. “We are more responsible in our breakrooms in terms of using the real plates and cups and silverware. It’s good.”

Warners’ Stellian also expects to divert more than 13,000 pounds of material each year with the new recycling and organics program in place.

“Maximizing our waste reduction and recycling efforts is important for Warners’ Stellian,” said Warner, “It is our responsibility to operate in a sustainable way, and we are grateful for the assistance provided through BizRecycling and Waste Wise to help us do so.”

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