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VFW Post 1350 was chartered in 1934; it was named in honor of Arthur O. Haukland, the first man from North St. Paul to be killed in action during World War I.


After seeing a presentation about the BizRecycling program, VFW Post 1350 in North St. Paul decided that they wanted to learn more about ways to minimize their waste output and avoid the high taxes associated with trash removal. They contacted BizRecycling, and we connected them with one of our Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited VFW Post 1350 to assess their waste stream and learn more about their operations. The VFW was not recycling at the time, and they needed to start a single-sort recycling program. Our Recycling Expert helped them contract with a new waste hauler for recycling service.

VFW Post 1350 worked with our Recycling Expert to apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant allowed the VFW to expand their existing trash enclosure to make room for a recycling dumpster. They also purchased new recycling bins and signage for use throughout the facility. The staff received training on the new recycling program.


VFW Post 1350 now diverts over 43,000 pounds of recyclable material from landfills each year, and their waste bill is half what it was before they started recycling. This is saving the VFW close to $4,000 a year.

“To be starting a recycling program, as well as saving money – it was an easy decision,” said Chuck Prigge, an accountant for VFW Post 1350.

The staff quickly adapted to the new recycling program, and can’t imagine switching back to their old habits. The patrons are extremely pleased about the new recycling program.

“Patrons used to not like throwing their beer bottles in the trash,” said Prigge. “It was a slam-dunk deal. The recycling bins by the pulltab window are usually overflowing!”

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