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Located in St. Paul, University Enterprise Laboratories (UEL) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to support the growth of early-stage life science and technology companies.


University Enterprise Laboratories (UEL) facility provides lab and office space as well as supportive programming to over 40 companies and nearly 350 employees in all.

UEL was interested in substantially increasing its commitment to sustainability and in 2017, worked with our recycling experts to determine opportunities for waste reduction improvements.

How We Helped

UEL added organics service through its waste hauler, and by applying for a BizRecycling grant, was able to get color-coded receptacles for trash, single stream recycling, and organics recycling to place throughout the facility. The grant funded a 6-month supply of certified compostable bags to line the organics bins, a recommended practice for organics recycling collection.

The two cubic yard organics dumpster will allow UEL to divert up to 400 pounds of material from its trash every week. This includes foods scraps, paper towels, and compostable plates generated by tenants as well as from the facility’s new fresh foods service.


In addition, the BizRecycling program approved UEL’s request for a dishwasher. While UEL was already encouraging its tenants to bring their own reusable mugs and cups, a soon-to-be installed dishwasher will help the facility clean the ceramic mugs it offered to visitors.

As a host to numerous events per month, UEL will have the necessary equipment to effectively and efficiently clean reusable trays and utensils. Diane Rucker, Executive Director added “Sustainability is very important to all us, so we partnered with BizRecycling in Ramsey County in early 2018 to increase recycling at University Enterprise Laboratories (UEL). It’s been a great experience!”

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