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True Stone Coffee Roasters is a roaster and wholesaler of specialty grade coffee.


True Stone Coffee Roasters was founded in 2003 and now operates a full-scale roasting facility in St. Paul’s Midway neighborhood. Committed to reducing its environmental impact, True Stone met with our recycling experts in late 2016 and ultimately identified two major opportunities to reduce waste and improve their recycling efforts.

How We Helped

First, adding a dishwasher to their operation would allow them to avoid using disposables. The dishwasher could wash cups, bottles, growlers, and other equipment as necessary. Second, starting an organics program would provide them with an outlet for spent coffee grounds and chaff (the husk of the coffee bean and byproduct of the roasting process).

True Stone requested the dishwasher, new color-coded recycling bins (single-stream and organics) to place throughout their roastery, and a 6 month supply of certified-compostable bags to line the organics bins. The grant was approved shortly thereafter, and they began making changes in 2017.


Bruce Olson, True Stone’s owner, remarked that the dishwasher alone made an immediate impact. The dishwasher has not only cut down on waste, it has saved significant time and labor for staff who otherwise would have been washing dishes by hand.

The organics bins have also made an impact, capturing an estimated 215 pounds of coffee chaff and 115 pounds of spent coffee grounds most months of the year. In summer when True Stone’s cold brew coffee production is at its peak, the amount of coffee grounds collected grows to 500 pounds per month which can now be turned into useable compost.

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