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Think Small is a nonprofit organization that offers resources and advocacy for early childhood education in Minnesota.


Think Small wanted to reduce waste and find recycling and reuse opportunities. The Think Small facility holds many events throughout the year and houses its own printing department, they knew that there would be plenty of opportunities to reduce waste.

They contacted one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Think Small to learn about the business and their waste streams. They found several opportunities for improvements.

One recommendation was for Think Small to add recycling bins to workstations and common areas to make recycling easier. They also recommended that Think Small switch from disposable kitchen utensils to reusable ones.

Our Recycling Expert also provided Think Small with resources to recycle batteries, ink cartridges, and electronic devices.


Think Small began implementing our Recycling Expert’s recommendations. They formed a Green Team to head up waste reduction projects.

They ordered new recycling bins to fill out work and common spaces. They also began recycling all used batteries produced on site. They selected a new company to recycle all electronic waste and printer cartridges. They even purchased enough reusable kitchen utensils to replace all disposable options.

The Think Small Green Team sends out regular staff emails and surveys the entire company to gauge interest in various “green” topics. They also educate staff on things like reducing paper use by printing double-sided. With a dedication to ongoing sustainable practices, Think Small will continue to recycle better!

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