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The Travelers Companies is an American insurance company that promotes responsible environmental practices.


The Travelers Companies building in downtown St. Paul had a successful recycling and organics collection program in place, but Bill Frederick, Facilities Manager, wanted to find ways to recycle better. He contacted BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

One of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts met Fredericks on site to tour the 12 million square foot facility. They discussed opportunities to reduce waste and improve recycling. With assistance from the Recycling Expert, Travelers applied for a BizRecycling Grant.

The BizRecycling Grant helped Travelers expand their organics collection to include paper towel collection. Funds also helped Travelers install a single-sort recycling compactor. They also improved recycling and organic waste signage throughout the building to encourage employees to recycle more.


By adding paper towels to their existing organics collection, Travelers effectively doubled their collection of organic waste. The recycling compactor brought savings on transportation costs. Due to these improvements, Travelers saves approximately $18,000 per year. They are also collecting an additional 74,500 of recyclable material annually.

Considering Travelers had a successful recycling and organic waste diversion program in place, their improved diversion numbers are truly amazing.

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