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The Lowry Building is a historic building in downtown Saint Paul.


The Lowry Building needed to have a recycling program in place to be compliant with the 2016 Minnesota Recycling Law. They had to find a way to get a recycling dumpster out of their underground parking garage up to street level for pickups. They also wanted help introducing a single-sort recycling program to the businesses in the building.

In 2015, the building’s waste hauler put them in touch with one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited The Lowry Building to learn more about their recycling needs. Getting the recycling dumpster out of the underground garage was going to require special equipment. The trash hauler offered to lease a caddy that could be used to pull the dumpster up to street level. Our Recycling Expert helped The Lowry Building investigate the cost of purchasing equipment instead. They decided to apply for a BizRecycling Grant to allow them to buy their own caddy.

The Lowry Building experienced a minor setback when it was discovered that the garage ramp was too steep for staff to safely pull the recycling dumpster to street level using the original caddy they had selected. Our Recycling Expert returned to The Lowry Building to help work out a better solution for the building. They helped The Lowry Building find a tow tractor to pull the dumpster.


The patience and hard work of The Lowry Building staff and our Recycling Expert has paid off. The building is now compliant with the law. They are also collecting over nine tons of recyclables every year, and saving over $2,000 a year on their trash bill.

The Lowry Commercial Condominium Owners’ Association manager, Denis Brauchle, told us, “BizRecycling and Waste Wise were great to work with and assisted us in coming up with a recycling solution. We spent two years setting up this program, educating tenants, and finding a way to make it work in an old building. The Cushman tug we purchased with the grant dollars works great. Now all of our tenants participate in the recycling program!”

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