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TCM is a non-profit organization focused on stimulating the growth of small businesses by providing access to low interest loan programs.


TCM learned of the BizRecycling grant program that allows businesses to begin recycling with financial assistance for bins, labels, and other materials that help to divert waste from the trash into other outlets. TCM was looking to start a single stream reycling program.

How We Helped

TCM chose to meet with our recycling experts to identify a strategy to effectively begin a recycling program while utilizing this funding. Following the meeting, TCM quickly finalized their grant application and within a month had new bins and labels on hand.

At this point TCM scheduled an all-staff recycling education session and actually received funding from BizRecycling to host this event.


Rachel Edgar, who led the recycling improvement initiative at TCM has been very pleased with the results. “As an office that did no recycling except for schredded paper we have seen a drastic change in how much trash we’re generating, We have reduced our trash services while adding recycling and haven’t seen a significant increase in costs,” commented Edgar. The change has made TCM employees more consious about where their waste is going and has them thinking about how they can generate less and less.

“The grant application process was very straight forward and the recycling experts were eager to help tackle any issues that could arise while implementing a new recycling program,” added Edgar. With the addition of recycling at TCM, they are now diverting over 4,500 pounds of trash generation every year!

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