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Swede Hollow Café is a coffee shop and café in Saint Paul.


Ruth Campbell, the owner of Swede Hollow Café, wanted to improve recycling at her business. She reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Swede Hollow Café to learn about the business. One of the recommendations they made was for Swede Hollow Café to start an organics recycling program. This would allow collection of not only food scraps and plate waste, but also paper towels from the restroom.

Working with our recycling Expert, Swede Hollow Café applied for a BizRecycling grant to add color-coded recycling, organics and trash bins for use both front-of-house and back-of-house.  They also expanded their waste collection enclosure to accommodate the additional containers needed for the organics recycling.


Adding organics recycling and making improvements to the single-sort recycling collection helped Swede Hollow Café cut their trash in half. Working with our Recycling Expert ensured that communication and training on the new organics recycling program was easy for staff to understand.

Getting the word out to customers is a little more challenging, but Swede Hollow Café’s dedicated staff are committed to recycling better. Campbell told us, “customers have been favorable, but there is the challenge of educating them about the changes. Some areas such as the bathroom were so easy to improve – just to have people throw their paper towels into an organics bin. It’s just that easy.”

Swede Hollow Café is diverting about 20 tons of organics from the landfill every year. They credited our Recycling Expert for making the process as easy as possible.

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