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Sunray BP Gas & Full-Service Auto Repair is a neighborhood multi-service gas station, convenience store and auto shop.


The Sunray BP gas station in Saint Paul wanted to start a recycling program, but had limited space to work with. The business generated a lot of cardboard and plastic film. They also wanted to be able to offer recycling to their customers.

Sunray BP needed a program that would make recycling easy not only for staff but for customers as well. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

BizRecycling connected Sunray BP owner Jorge Samper Zelaya with one of our experienced Recycling Experts for help developing a better waste management plan. Our Recycling Expert offered advice and guidance on setting up recycling, and helped Sunray BP apply for a BizRecycling grant. The grant helped pay to expand their dumpster enclosure to include a recycling dumpster. It also paid for recycling bins and signs for every fuel station, as well as bins for inside the convenience store and in the auto shop area.

Our Recycling Expert also trained Sunray BP staff in recycling best practices.


With their new recycling program and a trained staff, the Sunray BP gas station reduced their trash collection from a 6-yard container emptied twice a week to a 2-yard container emptied once a week. They are diverting over 30,000 pounds of recyclable materials per year. They are also saving over $3,000 a year on their garbage bill.

Zelaya was overjoyed with the results and told us they have received positive feedback from their customers. The staff continues to be motivated to reduce waste and recycle more, and they encourage their customers to do the same.

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