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Neighbor Stop is a convenience store and gas station in Stillwater.


Kevin Amundson, the owner of the Neighbor Stop convenience store and gas station in Stillwater, wanted to offer recycling to customers. To make sure that they were doing everything right with their recycling program, he contacted the Recycling Experts at BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert met with Amundson to learn about the business. There were opportunities to add recycling bins at the pump as well as inside the store. Our Recycling Expert helped Amundson apply for a BizRecycling grant. The grant paid for consistent recycling collection bins and signs. Our Recycling Expert also provided training to store managers so that they had the best information possible to lead their staff in recycling efforts.


With their new recycling bins and trained staff, the Neighbor Stop is collecting about 21 tons of recycling a year. The employees have been enthusiastic about the new recycling program. They have also received positive feedback from customers.

Recycling better at work is having an impact beyond the store. Amundson told us, “I think more about recycling at home now that we’ve been focusing on it at the stores!”

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