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The St. Paul Saints Baseball Club is a professional baseball team and club which has been providing family entertainment to the Twin Cities since 1993.


 It’s not often that professional sports and sustainable initiatives come together to do what BizRecycling and the St. Paul Saints have done.

In January 2014, the Saints contacted BizRecycling about incorporating recycling and organics collection into their new stadium, CHS Field, which celebrated its inaugural season in 2015.

In order for the Saints to seamlessly integrate recycling and organics collection into their new facility they needed to have a plan before they began construction. BizRecycling provided Recycling Experts to help with the planning.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts met with the Saints and helped analyze the new ballpark design plans. This analysis helped the Saints identify and understand how best to start recycling and organics diversion programs as well as setting up vendor contracts for those services.

By this point, the Saints had a good idea of how to design a building for optimal waste reduction.

The Saints received some good news when they were invited to apply for a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Environmental Assistance grant to help cover start-up costs for the new program.

Our Recycling Experts helped the Saints’ staff to put together a grant budget, estimate diversion potential and submit all of the paperwork. The Saints were awarded a $50,000 grant that paid for all of the facility’s front-of-house recycling bins.

The Saints also applied for a $10,000 grant from BizRecycling. That funding paid for all of the facility’s back-of-house compost and recycling containers, as well as an initial supply of compostable bags.

The Saints and our Recycling Experts began comprehensive trainings for all of the Saints’ permanent staff, game day staff, vendors, and volunteers.


The Saints took sustainability to the next level in building the new stadium. Opening day at CHS Field was a celebration of the Saints and sustainability.

The new stadium now has color-coded recycling stations spread throughout the concourse, clubs, and suites for collection of materials. There are also customized bin labels that include pictures of the recyclable and compostable materials at CHS Field.

To provide hands-on education about the facility’s waste reduction efforts and gather fan feedback, the Saints have enlisted Volunteer “Recycling Umpires” posted at every waste and recycling station throughout the opening home stand.  

Additionally, throughout opening day there were events and other entertainment to engage fans to make recycling and composting fun. 

These initiatives are part of the Saints’ goal to have a 90% recycling rate at CHS Field.

Our Recycling Experts work with the Saints’ vendors and haulers on an ongoing basis to monitor the facility’s performance and gather fan feedback, in order to continuously improve the facility’s efforts.

With an average of 9,000 fans attending every game, the educational reach of the Saints’ programs will go far beyond the walls of CHS Field.


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