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The St. Paul Meat Shop is a neighborhood butcher shop and deli on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul.


When the St. Paul Meat Shop was preparing to open in 2015, they wanted to find ways to reduce waste and maximize recycling. Their trash hauler put them in touch with BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

The St. Paul Meat Shop worked with our Recycling Experts to identify opportunities for reducing waste. The shop decided to not only recycle things such as cans, glass, and plastic, but also start an organics recycling program to collect food scraps, paper towels, napkins, cheese wax and rinds, and other organic materials for composting.

Manager Nick Mangigian said, “A major part of [our decision to pursue these programs] is the fact that the restaurant industry creates so much waste that is compostable. For us, it felt like a slam dunk to be able to recycle and compost.”

Our Recycling Expert helped the St. Paul Meat Shop apply for a BizRecycling Grant. This funding allowed the shop to purchase color-coded bins and signage to help staff and customers understand which bin to use. The grant also allowed them to purchase a supply of compostable bags for collecting organic materials.


The results of the St. Paul Meat Shop’s recycling efforts are easy to see; their single 96-gallon trash cart sits next to two large 2-yard containers, one for recycling and one for organics. The shop is diverting over 10,000 pounds of single-sort recycling annually. In addition, they are composting more than 18,000 pounds of organics a year.

“It’s truly surprising how little trash you generate when you’re diligent about sorting out compostable and recyclable items,” says Mangigian.

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