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St Paul United Church of Christ is a Christian congregation in St Paul.


As a congregation deeply committed to the care of creation, the church Earthwise Committee and others were interested in improving the church’s recycling program and exploring options for organics recycling. They worked closely with our recycling specialists to identify areas of opportunity within the church.

How We Helped

The recycling specialists assisted them in choosing bins to optimize recycling throughout their church, including in kitchens, bathrooms, the lobby, and daycare. “The process went smoothly” Church Business Manager Jeff Palmer said when asked about the grant implementation. “I was pleased the recycling experts were there to answer any questions I had”.

“Our congregation is always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint” said Jeff Palmer. One of those ways included receiving a BizRecycling Grant to install a dishwasher. Using reusable dishes helps the church cut down on their purchasing costs while decreasing the amount of trash they produce.


In the end, St. Paul’s United Church of Christ is diverting an estimated 15,600 pounds of organics and 4,576 pounds of recycling from the landfill each year. Jeff commented, “It was nice being able to implement some of those sustainability changes”.

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