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South Shore Veterinary Hospital is an animal hospital and clinic in Forest Lake.


South Shore Veterinary Hospital had a recycling program in place, but they wanted to learn ways to recycle better. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

One of our Recycling Experts visited the clinic to learn more about their current recycling system. They found that the staff at South Shore Veterinary Hospital were separating paper from other recyclables such as metal cans and plastic and glass bottles. After checking with the clinic’s waste hauler, the Recycling Expert recommended that South Shore Veterinary Hospital switch to a simpler single-sort recycling system.

Our Recycling Expert also found that South Shore Veterinary Hospital needed consistent recycling collection bins and signs. A BizRecycling grant was used to purchase the necessary bins and signs. With the new bins distributed throughout the clinic and staff trained on the simpler recycling system, South Shore Veterinary Hospital was ready to start recycling better.


The new recycling program at South Shore Veterinary Hospital has been a success. The staff has been very enthusiastic about recycling better.

“We have significantly reduced the amount of waste in our dumpster each week,” commented Doctor Emily Van Arsdale Treml. “Everyone was eager to start recycling the materials appropriately, and I have witnessed a motivation among the employees to recycle as much as possible.”

Since making improvements to their recycling collection and educating staff about the changes, South Shore Veterinary Hospital needed to add an additional recycling collection cart from their waste hauler. Now they are collecting an additional 3,500 pounds of recycling a year.

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