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The Saint Paul Yoga Center, located in the Lexington-Hamline neighborhood, was the first yoga center established in Saint Paul. The center provides independent yoga teachers a collaborative environment to teach a wide variety of yoga traditions.


Paul Busch, owner of Saint Paul Yoga Center, contacted BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help finding ways to recycle better. 

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited the Saint Paul Yoga Center to learn about the business and their waste. Although the Saint Paul Yoga Center was recycling, and had an on-site composting program, our Recycling Expert found places for improvement.

Expanding the on-site composting program was one suggestion. Adding used paper towels to the compost would significantly reduce their waste.

Adding properly labeled recycling bins was another suggested improvement. Our Recycling Expert also recommended keeping the caps on plastic bottles headed to the recycling bin to make sure that they made it through the recycling process.


Despite already having a recycling program in place, our Recycling Expert helped the Saint Paul Yoga Center improve their recycling collection and capture things that they had been missing.  

By placing bins and signage in more effective areas, St. Paul Yoga Center was able to capture even more recyclable material. They also started including soiled paper towels in their on-site composting program.

Busch is excited about the impact that their business is having on people. “Since hundreds of students go through our center every week, the positive changes we make also send a strong message to lots of people.”

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