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River of Goods is a retailer of high-end home furnishings, lighting and décor.


River of Goods wanted to find ways to improve recycling. They had heard about the BizRecycling grant program and were curious to see how we could help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited River of Goods to learn about their waste management and recycling. They had a single-sort recycling system in place, but they were using a lot of disposable dishes in their break room. Working with our Recycling Expert, River of Goods applied for a BizRecycling grant to purchase a dishwasher and reusable dishes.

In addition to adding the dishwasher and dishes, River of Goods was able to purchase recycling bins to help streamline and improve their recycling collection throughout their offices, warehouse and employee common areas. They also bought reusable water bottles for staff. They also decided to start collecting food scraps for composting in their community garden. They added organics collection bins to help that effort.


Adding a dishwasher and reusable dishes allowed River of Goods to cut their purchase of disposable supplies in half. They are running the dishwasher three times a day to keep up with employee usage of the reusable dishes.

With a recycling system that is up to industry standards, River of Goods is now collecting over 15 tons of single-sort recycling a year. They are also collecting more than three tons of plastic film for recycling. Their trash volume has decreased by at least 25% with the switch to reusable dishes.

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