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River Market is a community cooperative committed to selling fresh, local food whenever available and in season.


River Market wanted to add food waste composting to their recycling program. They knew that composting food waste would reduce the amount of garbage they generated, and wanted assistance in starting an organics recycling program. They reached out to the Recycling Experts at BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

River Market took the initiative to set up their organics recycling. Our Recycling Experts visited the store. They recommended that River Market add bins throughout the store for compostable waste disposal and pair them with the store’s regular recycling and trash bins.

Our Recycling Expert helped River Market apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant helped pay for new organics, recycling and trash bins, signs, and other start-up costs.


Customers are welcome to use the organics recycling bins at the co-op. Before the new bins were added, trash, recyclables and food waste were ending up in the wrong bins. This meant that staff ended up sorting through the bins by hand. The new bins and signs have reduced confusion and helped staff and customers alike get things into the right bin.

River Market not only added organics recycling to their trash management program, they also improved their recycling efforts for paper, glass bottles, plastic containers and metal cans. Thanks to these improvements, River Market cut the amount of trash they generate in half.

River Market Community Co-op hopes that that in the future food waste composting will be offered to all residents in Stillwater through curbside pick up.

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