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Production Resources, an automation company focusing on box taping, opened its doors 15 years ago.


Production Resources has an immense amount of cardboard that was going into the trash. With a desire to reduce the company’s trash footprint, Scott Hudson, VP of Operations, discovered the BizRecycling program and reached out to start a recycling program.

How We Helped

After meeting with our recycling specialists, Scott applied for and was awarded a BizRecycling grant for color coded bins. Color coded bins are a simple, yet effective, approach for maximizing recycling participation. Owner, Brian Ness, chimed in that he “likes the different color for the recycling bin” compared to the trash because it makes it easy to tell the difference between trash and recycling.

To complement the new bins, the Production Resources team also received training on best practices for recycling to set their new recycling program up for success. Scott “likes recycling a lot more than not” especially because they go through a lot of corrugated cardboard and feels good that “we are doing our part to reduce waste.”


Production Resources was collecting so much of their recycling that they had to increase their pick-up service from once a month to bi-weekly for their 6 yard dumpster.

That’s an estimated 27,456lbs of recycling that is diverted from the landfill annually. Scott said BizRecycling is a great program; it gets you recycling and doing the right thing.”

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