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Preferred Kitchens is a kitchen remodeling company in White Bear Lake. Unesco is a company that revitalizes educational facilities.


When Unesco moved into a new office in white Bear Lake, they discovered that there was no recycling service available. Their neighbor, Preferred Kitchens, handled the waste contract for the building. Unesco contacted BizRecycling to help them work with Preferred Kitchens to set up recycling service.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert met with Preferred Kitchens to discuss options for setting up recycling. Preferred Kitchens was enthusiastic about the opportunity. They contacted their trash hauler to get pricing. Although the space for dumpsters was limited, the hauler was able to provide a smaller trash dumpster to accommodate the anticipated reduction in trash, which made the needed room for a recycling dumpster.

A BizRecycling grant made it possible for both Preferred Kitchens and Unesco to receive new recycling bins for use inside their businesses.


Between right-sizing their dumpster size and renegotiating their trash hauling pricing to better match market rates, Preferred Kitchens was able to cut their trash bill by over $2,500 a year.

Preferred Kitchens’ Operations Manager, Jacob Kriesel, told us, “We were throwing away a large amount of recyclable materials, and now we recycle probably more than half of the waste we produce. Through this entire process, we were also able to get our hauler to adjust their rates to meet surrounding competition, so all is all we’re happy!”

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