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Portico Healthnet is a nonprofit health and human services organization that helps Minnesotans overcome barriers to healthcare coverage.


Two Portico Healthnet employees, Kirk Postotnik and Carole Strelow, formed an “Environmental Protection Commission” to improve their office’s waste habits. Postotnik and Strelow wanted to implement a new waste and recycling program in their office. They reached out to one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts to learn about ways their office could reduce waste and recycle more.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited the Portico offices to evaluate the current waste stream and make recommendations for improvement. Together, the Recycling Expert and Portico’s “Environmental Protection Commission” found many opportunities to reduce waste.

Portico worked with the Recycling Expert to apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The funding helped pay for many enhancements to their office waste reduction. Portico purchased new recycling bins and signs to help their staff to recycle better. In the breakroom, they added reusable dishes and a plate cover for the microwave to cut down on paper towel use. They also provided reusable logo bags for employees.

Portico also started recycling plastic film, and made improvements to their toner recycling.


Portico Healthnet eliminated all disposable service ware and bottled water from their breakroom. Doing this is saving them about $500 a year. They have also doubled their paper recycling, which amounts to over 4,000 pounds of paper being recycled.

Postotnik and Strelow take pride in all of the positive changes they have initiated in just a few short months. “People are thinking about it…and they go out of their way to ask recycling questions and praise the new programs,” said Strelow.

Portico Healthnet’s success demonstrates how smaller business can accomplish significant waste reduction. All it takes are a couple of passionate recycling champions and a workplace that is open to making a positive change!

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