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Parkview Center School is a public K-8 School located in Roseville and is the only district-wide, kindergarten through eighth grade school in the Roseville Area Schools District.


Parkview Center School (PCS) serves approximately 735 students and employs over 100 faculty and staff.

PCS had a paper, can and bottle recycling program in place throughout the school. The school wanted to reduce the amount of trash it generated while also setting a good example of environmental stewardship.

In order to do a better job of waste reduction, PCS wanted to increase their recycling efforts. They also wanted to remove food waste from the trash. They had done a food-to-hogs program in the past and wanted to get involved with food waste recycling again.

How We Helped

Since the food waste was coming from students’ lunches, a sorting table was constructed. This table allowed the students to set their trays down while they sorted their leftover food from their garbage. The table has a hole cut near the center with a 32-gallon barrel below it, allowing students to dump their leftover food into the barrel.

Barthold Farms, a food-to-hogs farmer, picks up the barrels and uses the food waste for livestock feeding.

PCS established a Green Team to lead its recycling efforts. The team included administrators, teachers, custodial staff, and parents. The team developed consistent labels to go on every trash and recycling bin throughout the school, which is a recycling best practice.


After implementing their school-wide recycling and food-to-hogs program, PCS decreased its 8-yard garbage dumpster pick-ups from five times a week to four.

PCS continues to educate its students and staff every year in order to sustain the program’s success.

In 2010, PCS collaborated with Ramsey County and the City of Roseville to create the Upper Midwest Emmy© award winning video Boxes, Bottles and Banana Peels – A Guide to School Recycling to highlight its recycling program and inform future students, parents, staff and other schools on how the program works.

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