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Panacea Healthcare Solutions is a consulting firm that provides publishing, consulting and software solutions for the healthcare market.


Although Panacea employees were accustomed to reusing bubble wrap and recycling electronics and toner cartridges, the standard single-sort recycling program available in their building was not widely used.

Customer Care Manager Lu Grealish called BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for assistance.

How We Helped

A small, dedicated group of Panacea staff used old boxes at their desks to collect recyclables. Our Recycling Expert recommended a consistent system that made recycling more convenient for everyone.

Panacea was eager to explore funding options for recycling bins and other tools that would simplify their recycling program and reduce their dependence on disposable materials.

Our Recycling Expert helped Panacea apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant allowed them to buy 52 new recycling bins. They also bought a platform cart to transport the recyclables to the basement. In addition, they purchased reusable silverware to eliminate the need for plastic disposables.

Panacea worked with our Recycling Experts to ensure proper recycling bin placement and consistent signage. There are now recycling bins at each employee’s desk as well as in high-traffic areas such as the mailroom, break room, and at the copier.


Panacea is now diverting an estimated 10,000 pounds of recyclables per year, but the greatest benefits for the company have come in the form of a cleaner office and a company culture that is taking responsibility for their environmental footprint.

Panacea is pleased with the new program. “Everyone is more aware, all employees are now participating in the program and they enjoy the reusable silverware,” Grealish said. “The result is more cans and bottles are ending up in the recycling.”

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