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Northern Brewer is a craft beer brewery with locations in Roseville, St Paul and Minneapolis.  


Josh Voeltz, is the Special Projects Manager at Northern Brewer, worked with our recycling experts to identify areas that they could improve and add new receptacles to better collect single stream recycling/organics recycling.  “We used to do organics and single stream recycling years ago, but when we moved to this new space we didn’t continue and that was frustrating,” said Voeltz. 

How We Helped

After applying and being approved for a BizRecycling grant, Northern Brewer received new color-coded bins to pair throughout their facility. Voeltz commented, “The grant was a pretty easy process and it has been great to get our new bins.”

Northern Brewer has provided learning opportunities and while most staff understand the new recycling programs, the reality of business has made some seasons more difficult than others. “Around the holidays we have many temporary workers and trying to get everyone recycling perfectly is challenging,” Voeltz said. However, day-to-day operations have been going smoothly. “Everyone seems to be embracing the changes we made and it feels good to have made a greener decision.”


Northern Brewer is now diverting approximately 62,400 pounds of organic material and 18,304 pounds of single stream recycling from the landfill. They have also been able to save $500 a month and have been able to reduce their trash pick-ups from five times per week to four.

“Things are going well!” Voeltz remarked, “We are always looking to make further improvements to see more cost savings and improvements.”

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