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Northeast Contemporary Services is an adult day center in Roseville.


Northeast Contemporary Services wanted to start recycling, but they lacked resources to do so. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Northeast Contemporary Services to do a waste assessment and learn more about their operations. They discovered that in addition to needing collection bins that met best-practice standards, Northeast Contemporary Services needed training for staff and clients.

Working with our Recycling Expert, Northeast Contemporary Services applied for a BizRecycling grant to purchase bins. They also arranged for a fun and interactive training day for their clients, which included games, crafts, and a video.


Staff at Northeast Contemporary Services have been happy to have a recycling system in place. There has been strong buy-in, and the results are easy to see. Trash output has been cut in half, and over two tons of recyclable materials are being diverted from the trash annually.

Administrative Assistant Jenny Schweiters, who spearheaded the recycling efforts at Northeast Contemporary Services, told us, “Staff were excited. They had been asking about getting recycling for a long time. I’m really happy we got this started.”

Education efforts around recycling are continuing, and they are even planning a field trip to see the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Center in Newport.


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