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North Oaks Golf Club is a championship golf course and dining destination in the north Twin Cities metro.


North Oaks had been doing its part to collect recycling and organics food waste but saw a potential to do more by expanding its efforts, particularly in collecting compostable waste. In 2016, North Oaks Golf Club applied for a BizRecycling grant.

How We Helped

With over 40,000 diners and 15,000 golfers annually, North Oaks was utilizing significant levels of hand towels, beverage cups, and to-go containers and saw the opportunity to switch these items to certify compostable. By making that change, these products could now be collected with food waste.

The club placed two triple-stream (trash, recycling, and organics) stations at a concession area midway through the golf course and near the clubhouse, high traffic areas and also where the golf carts are cleaned out at the end of a round. To assist club members and customers, custom made, color-coded signs were made and placed on each bin. North Oaks also marketed the expanded recycling and organics program through its member newsletter.


By implementing these changes and capturing more recycling and organics, North Oaks was able to decrease its trash service from 4 cubic yards to 3 cubic yards each pickup. Annual diversion for single stream recycling and organics is estimated at 6,072 pounds and 10,350 pounds, respectively.

Justin Dordal, the golf club’s Director estimates that these improvements has led to $200 in monthly cost savings. “We successfully increased the amount of organics and recycling that we keep out of the landfill. We increased awareness and improved access to recycling bins by adding on-course recycling which captures a lot more waste. This program helped us save money on our monthly waste bill.”

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