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The Newport United Methodist Church is located just south of St. Paul and is also home to the Newport Center Head Start program and the United Church of God.


After learning about a grant program from another head start that would help them reduce waste, the Church decided to further its own efforts.

In 2017, Newport Methodist met with our recycling experts to understand best practices for expanding its recycling program and next steps for applying for BizRecycling grant. In particular, the church was interested in starting an organics program that would capture food waste generated through Church and Head Start meals.

How We Helped

After their grants were approved, blue single-stream recycling bins were placed throughout the classrooms, fellowship hall, kitchen, and nursery while green organics bins were added to the kitchen, fellowship hall, and bathrooms (to collect compostable paper towel waste).

In addition, the Head Start ordered environmentally-themed children’s books, a toy recycling truck to help engage the kids in recycling from an early age, expanding the outdoor waste enclosure and a six month supply of certified-compostable bags.


By adding organics service through their waste hauler and streamlining recycling collection, an estimated 5,200 pounds of compostable materials has been diverted from the landfill annually and recycling has simultaneously  increased by about 4,500 pounds per year.

The Church then decreased their waste by 2 cubic yards per week, and since trash is taxed at 52% in Washington County and organics and recycling service is not, the Church has seen $577 in annual cost savings.

“We feel that we are making an impact by recycling every day, especially during meal times. We have seen less garbage and so much more recycling than in the past. It makes us feel good that we are doing our part to make the environment and earth a better place.” – Joyce Kulla, Anoka/Washington County Head Start Program Operations Coordinator

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