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New Horizon Academy – Woodbury offers childcare and early education programs.


The director of the New Horizon Academy in Woodbury, Susan Zackery, learned about the BizRecycling program from the downtown St. Paul New Horizon Academy location. The downtown location started successful recycling programs with BizRecycling’s help, and Zackery wanted to replicate that success in Woodbury.

The Woodbury New Horizon Academy serves 160 students and Zackery knew they could reduce waste and improve recycling efforts. They were also motivated to comply with the state of Minnesota’s 2016 recycling law. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

BizRecycling connected New Horizon Academy with One of our Recycling Experts. They visited the Woodbury New Horizon Academy to learn about the different waste streams, and offer suggestions for recycling. They found that New Horizon could start both a single-sort recycling program and an organics recycling program.

Zackery worked with our Recycling Expert to apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant allowed them to buy recycling and organics collection bins for every classroom.  They also bought a centralized recycling station, food scrap bins and carts to transport organics to the kitchen, and reusable dishes for snack time.

Our Recycling Expert helped New Horizon Academy work with their waste hauler to add the necessary recycling services. They also provided an interactive staff training that helped staff correctly sort materials. The grant also paid for educational materials for the kids.


New Horizon Academy – Woodbury is now diverting nearly 15,000 pounds of recyclables and over 31,000 pounds of organics each year. Employees have been motivated to continue their waste reduction efforts. New Horizon added more organics bins, increased the size of their recycling dumpster, and reduced their trash volume by 50%.

The center enjoys helping staff and students learn more about the benefits of recycling and waste reduction at work, school and home. They told us, “Our families love that we do it – they think it’s great! It’s really easy! You just have to say you’re going to do it! Commit to the program and everything will get worked out in the process.”

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