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New Beginnings Church is a community church located in Saint Paul.


New Beginnings Church in Saint Paul runs a weekly food shelf for people in their community. They did not have a recycling service, and were producing a large volume of cardboard that was going into the trash.

The church wanted to add recycling, but they needed help. They were connected with one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts through Ramsey County.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited the church to learn more about their waste stream. Initially, New Beginnings Church just wanted to start a cardboard recycling program. Since the church also produced glass, plastic, and metal containers, along with paper, our Recycling Expert recommended a single-sort recycling program.

To ensure that the recycling program was a success, our Recycling Expert recommended adding new recycling bins and signs in the church. They also offered training for staff and worshippers on the new recycling procedures.


By starting a single-sort recycling program, New Beginnings Church and their neighbor are recycling over 14,000 pounds of material a year. This is also saving them $120 per year on their waste bill.






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