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Midwest Special Services (MSS) provides individualized programs and supports to people with intellectual and physical disabilities to help them reach their personal goals and achieve their full potential.


Midwest Special Services (MSS) learned about the BizRecycling program through a Payne Arcade Business Association event. Although MSS had incorporated recycling into vocational programs and art activities, their Saint Paul building did not have recycling available in the offices or common areas. They reached out to BizRecycling for help adding recycling to those areas.

How We Helped

We put MSS in touch with one of our Recycling Experts. They visited MSS to provide an on-site consultation. Our Recycling Expert helped MSS determine where they needed to put recycling bins. They then helped MSS apply for a BizRecycling Grant to purchase the bins, as well as signage to place throughout the facility.

MSS participants formed a Recycling Committee, and our Recycling Expert trained them on what materials could be recycled. Using some of the funds from the BizRecycling Grant, MSS bought a cart for Recycling Committee participants to use for collecting recycling.


MSS has seen many benefits from their improved recycling program. Director of Development, Shannon Brumbaugh, tells us that, “Participants really enjoy the program. It’s a paid job for them to collect recycling.”

Although MSS has stopped production activities in their warehouse, they have seen an increase in recycling collection thanks to the new recycling bins and training. Brumbaugh is pleased with the program’s success, saying, “We had a couple of recycling bins before, but now we are recycling in a more thoughtful manner… the front entrance is where we actually see the most recycling now.”

MSS is now interested in adding a compost program to divert even more waste. We look forward to working with them again!

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