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Metro Manufacturing is a metal shop/fabricator company located in Saint Paul.


Metro Manufacturing has been in the metal business for more than 25 years. During this time, the company has adopted many eco-friendly initiatives, including recycling its scrap metal.

Metro Manufacturing was interested in expanding their recycling options to cardboard and paper, so they reached out to the Recycling Experts at BizRecycling to learn more.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts met with Metro Manufacturing’s General Manager, Bob Fox and Accountant and Office Manager, Lisa Janisch, to become familiar with their current recycling and waste operations.

This meeting helped our Recycling Experts determine that a single-sort recycling program would be their best option. This meant that the company could easily recycle all of their paper, cardboard, glass containers, metal containers, and plastics numbered 1-7.

Our Recycling Experts connected Metro Manufacturing with a few haulers to receive estimates on pricing. The team evaluated the bids and decided to switch haulers. Metro Manufacturing had two years left on their existing waste contract, which had a significant fee for service cancellation.

Metro Manufacturing was determined to implement the new program. They decided to absorb the cancellation fee so that they could add a single-sort recycling program.


Working with our Recycling Experts helped Metro Manufacturing save so much on disposal fees and taxes, the company will recoup its cancellation fee in less than one year.

Metro Manufacturing is saving more than $1,500 annually on trash service. They are diverting around 14,000 pounds of recyclables each year.

According to General Manager Bob Fox, the decision to switch was easy. “Bottom line, it enabled us to save money and create a better future for our business.”

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