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Meals From The Heart (MFTH) is a nonprofit organization based in Stillwater that brings people together for meal-packing events that provide flavorful, nutritious meals to local food shelves.   


Tom Thiets, Founder of MFTH, was faced with a problem because his team was throwing nearly everything in the trash because there weren’t enough containers.

He was interested in ways to improve their existing recycling program when he reached out to get more information about the BizRecycling program.

How We Helped

Following an on-site meeting and evaluation with a recycling expert, the proper containers were identified to implement a successful recycling program to reduce the volume of weekly waste.

Having the proper containers for waste and recycling provided ease of access and removed any feelings or concerns that recycling takes more time, or is a hassle that wastes time for the MFTH team.


The “availability and awareness [of the recycling program] makes it easier to participate”; and material that “used to get thrown away in the garbage, now gets recycled”, shared Tom. Now the MFTH team barely fill the trash bins.

Meals from the heart has diverted approximately 2,862 lbs. of cardboard, 735 lbs. of plastic film, and 757 lbs. of commingled containers from the trash.

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