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Marsden Building Maintenance, LLC. handles a broad range of maintenance, cleaning, handyman, and specialty services for businesses nationwide.


Marsden Building Maintenance, LLC. has always tried to implement eco-friendly initiatives in its business.

Mike Kilsdonk, Sustainability Manager of Marsden, contacted Ramsey County for help evaluating their current recycling system and identifying improvements. They were connected with one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert worked with Marsden staff to evaluate their facility and current recycling systems to learn what materials were being recycled and how.

Prior to working with our Recycling Expert, Marsden was recycling a variety of materials, including organic waste. But without clear and consistent signage, it was hard for staff to determine what went where.

Our Recycling Expert also provided Marsden with information on recycling options for more unusual materials such as batteries and scrap plastic.


Marsden took our Recycling Expert’s advice to heart and improved signage throughout their properties. This has helped increase participation in their current recycling system.

They are making plans to begin recycling their batteries, as well as scrap plastics.

Marsden is sharing their information on recycling and waste reduction with their clients and the businesses they work with. These efforts will ensure a broader range of businesses have access to recycling resources.

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