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Build in 1870, Marine General Store is an iconic landmark in the small town of Marine on St. Croix.


In 2016, Marine on St. Croix began a city wide effort to reduce waste within the business community. When Gwen heard about the BizRecycling Program, she was excited to improve the recycling efforts at Marine General Store.

After receiving a site assessment and recommendations from our recycling experts, Gwen planned to convert their cardboard recycling to single stream recycling, add color-coded recycling bins, and build an outdoor dumpster enclosure to help keep as much recycling out of the trash as possible.

How We Helped

With the switch from cardboard recycling to single stream recycling, Gwen and her staff were able to start recycling additional materials like plastic bottles and containers, aluminum cans, paper, and glass bottles. The recycling experts also provided an in-person training to help the staff identify specific types of materials accepted for recycling.

With more types of materials getting recycled, a trained staff, more recycling bins throughout the store, and an enclosure to keep contamination out of the dumpster, the Marine General Store saw a significant change in what was ending up in the outdoor trash and recycling dumpsters.


The Marine General Store increased its recycling by an estimated 6,860 pounds per year. Gwen is happy with their recycling successes, and she looks forward to continuing to cut down on waste.

As Gwen noted, “We really saw in increase in recycling! And before we had the enclosure, people would drive by and dump trash into our bins!”

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