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Macalester Plymouth United Church is a dual denominational church whose congregation values strong relationships on all levels.


Macalester Plymouth United Church wanted to improve the church’s current recycling program. They also wanted to find options for recycling organic waste.

Barbara Sellers, a member of the congregation’s Caring for Creation Committee, reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts went to Macalester Plymouth to learn more about their waste streams. There are several events on a weekly basis that generate organic waste at the church, including a preschool program, youth groups, occasional congregational meals, and numerous outside groups that meet in the church building. Deciding where to place organics and recycling bins was essential.

With help from the Recycling Experts, Macalester Plymouth applied for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant funded the purchase of new recycling bins and signs for single-sort recycling and organics. The Recycling Experts also helped plan ways to educate the congregation about the new recycling programs.


The new recycling and organics programs received a great response from the Macalester Plymouth congregation. “Composting was an easy sell to our congregation as it aligns perfectly with our understanding that everything is connected, we are connected to each other and to the Earth,” said Sellers.

Preschool teachers were excited as well; the new program presented a learning opportunity for the kids and attracted positive attention from parents.

Macalester Plymouth has been very successful in their recycling efforts. Adding organics recycling reduced their trash output from a four-yard dumpster of trash picked up per week to a two-yard dumpster of trash picked up every other week. They are diverting at least 31,000 pounds of recycling and organics a year.

The church continues to promote recycling and composting by posting notices in the weekly church bulletin. They are also regularly evaluating their recycling program for potential improvements.

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