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Luci Ancora is a locally sourced, family-owned Italian restaurant located in Saint Paul.


Maria Gans, owner of Luci Ancora and Ristaurante Luci Restaurants in Saint Paul, is no stranger to sustainability. As the second-generation owner of two fine Italian restaurants, they know that the freshest ingredients are those purchased locally and raised sustainably.

Gans was contacted by our Recycling Experts as part of their outreach work on behalf of BizRecycling. Gans decided the time was right to align the restaurants’ waste and recycling practices with the business’s philosophy.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts met with Gans to become familiar with their business and learn about their waste streams.

Luci Ancora’s previous waste hauler told them that recycling would not be possible due to a lack of space. Our Recycling Experts knew they could find creative solutions to add a single-sort recycling program as well as an organics recycling program. Combined, these programs could divert the restaurants’ most abundant waste streams: cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, metal, food waste and food-soiled paper.

Our Recycling Experts recommended bringing in a couple of haulers to provide bids for trash, along with both recycling and organics collection services. Following meetings with trash haulers, Gans chose one that helped to “right-size” their containers, allowing the addition of both recycling and organics services.The hauler also helped train restaurant staff and place clear, consistent signage around the restaurant’s kitchen.


Since starting the new recycling programs, Luci Ancora has reduced its trash volume by more than 75%. This reduction in trash volume has also reduced costs by 40%. Their largest container is now their single-sort recycling, and they are considering reducing their trash capacity further as their recycling programs ramp up.

It is estimated that the Luci Restaurants will divert an estimated 33,000 pounds of waste annually, while saving almost $2,300 every year.

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