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Live Green Apartments is a family-owned and operated real estate management company in Saint Paul. They operate several historic apartment buildings throughout the city.


The Live Green apartment complex on Brimhall Street in Saint Paul has retail on the main level and residences above. Live Green has a long history of implementing sustainable practices at each of their locations. These practices include energy efficiency, solar hot water and education of tenants to sustain their efforts.

Chad Skally, an employee of Live Green Apartments, saw an opportunity to extend these practices to the Brimhall building, which had a deli as a retail tenant. Skally felt that the deli could benefit from organics recycling.

Skally was aware of the BizRecycling program through his work with the Grand Avenue Business Association and For Recycling on Grand. He contacted us for help starting an organics recycling program.  

How We Helped

We sent a Recycling Expert to help Skally evaluate the waste stream in this building, including the deli. A large portion of the waste stream at the building consisted of organic waste, including food, non-recyclable paper and other compostable materials. The evaluation helped determine that they could improve organic waste management not only at the deli, but also for the residents living upstairs.

 Skally decided the entire building would benefit from implementing an organics recycling program.

Our Recycling Expert helped Skally apply for a BizRecycling Grant to purchase organics and recycling bins for all of the building’s tenants. They also connected Skally with a local hauler that handles waste, recycling and organics to streamline collection services for all three types of materials.


In order to introduce the new organics recycling program, Skally organized a pizza party for the building’s tenants. The party was used as a way to educate the tenants on the new organics program and distribute organics collection bins and compostable liners. More than 75 percent of the tenants attended the training and picked up their collection bins and liners.  

Thanks to their organics recycling program, this Live Green Apartments location diverts about 3,400 pounds of compostable materials per year. This pilot program is doing well, so Live Green is considering expanding organics recycling to other buildings in the area.

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