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LifeHealth, LLC is the creator of a blood testing system that aids in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of illnesses and diseases; it helps medical professionals to save lives.


Putting others first is a part of the job at LifeHealth, LLC, where workers manufacture blood tests that help medical professionals save lives. When LifeHealth chemist Shannon Willis saw an opportunity to put the environment first at her company, she did not hesitate.

Willis realized that the existing recycling system was not being used. Employees did not have easy access to recycling bins, and were not aware of what they could recycle. Willis hoped that by educating employees and implementing a more comprehensive recycling program employees would be more likely to recycle.

Willis contacted BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help improving the company’s recycling program.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited LifeHealth to learn about the business and their waste stream. This helped them determine the best places to put recycling bins. They helped LifeHealth apply for a BizRecycling Grant.  The grant paid for new bins and labels. The Recycling Expert also helped teach employees about the recycling program at no additional cost to the company.

The employees are very excited about the change and are eager to recycle better. “I saw people pulling recyclables out of that trash and putting them in the recycling,” Willis said.


LifeHealth is a great example of how a little planning can go a long way in improving recycling practices at a business. LifeHealth went from recycling just a small amount of cardboard every week to filling a four yard dumpster with recyclables in a few days. In their first year, they diverted over 28,000 pounds of recyclables.

Since realizing such great success with their improved single-sort recycling system, LifeHealth decided to expand their electronics recycling to include batteries. They also plan to start recycling plastic shrink wrap and Keurig Cups. We’re excited to see the many ways LifeHealth continues to embrace recycling!

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